TexEDA Design GmbH was acquired by Silicon Radar GmbH


LayFRAME is a design manager that allows the user to manage his data efficiently. as well as to work conveniently with the IC-Studio / RF-Studio applications. It allows the user to use a reference data set (technologyspecific data) often referred to as a process design kit (pdk). Further, it handles all the design data in an object-oriented approach, identifying the library sources of all data, listing the objects in each one, and offering a choice of actions based on the nature of the data (edit, view, delete, report, copy, etc.).

LayCIR is a flexible and powerful full-function schematic capture environment developed particularly to enable circuit design engineers to enter schematics accurately, clearly and quickly. In addition, it provides the ability to cross-probe between schematic and layout views. LayCIR includes many powerful features including the availability of an unlimited hierarchy that can be navigated from the design entry window with a single command. It offers a rich selection of digital and analog net-list formats and is closely linked to simulation environments. When coupled with LayED, LayCIR provides a schematic or net-list driven layout mode in which the layout implementation is monitored using the schematic or net-list.

LayED is a powerful all-angles graphics editor especially developed for the layout of complex integrated circuits, including Analog, RF, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs. Editing features include a rich command set, hierarchically structured databases, very fast redraw speed and screen refresh. Data can be imported or exported in standard exchange formats (GDS2, OASIS, CIF, GERBER, DXF). Parametric cells (PGroups), schematic crossprobing, and a schematic-driven layout option facilitate accurate and productive layout generation.