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LayFrame - Design Manager
LayFRAME is a design manager that allows the user to manage his data efficiently. as well as to work conveniently with the IC-Studio / RF-Studio applications. It allows the user to use a reference data set (technologyspecific data) often referred to as a process design kit (pdk). Further, it handles all the design data in an object-oriented approach, identifying the library sources of all data, listing the objects in each one, and offering a choice of actions based on the nature of the data (edit, view, delete, report, copy, etc.).

LayFRAME assumes that the data is arranged in two domains referred to as the project domain and the technology domain. Both have similar characteristics so that the technology domain can be considered a project in its own right. The technology domain will generally include all the data that is technology-dependent, and is also referred to as a process design kit (pdk). It is considered reference data that will not in the course of an IC development be changed. As a result it is not editable when the user opens his project domain, but it is usable. Of course, the user may choose to forgo the use of a technology domain and develop all designs in the project domain. If used, however, the technology domain will include such data as standard cell libraries, I/O cells, PGroup templates, primitive circuit symbols, verification design rule files, and initialization files (layout colors and other settings).

Data Organization
Basic data elements are collected into Groups (often called cells) which may be organized into a hierarchy. A group can have up to 5 views, namely:
  • schematic view (edited using LayCIR)
  • schematic symbol view (edited using LayCIR)
  • layout view (editing using LayED)
  • layout symbol (part of layout view and not identified within LayFRAME)
  • verification view (verification database, created by LayVER)
A set of groups will form a library, and a set of libraries will establish a project.